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Negative Keywords: The Cornerstone of a Quality AdWords Campaign

Negative Keywords increase the quality of your ads and help you squeeze more bang out of your AdWords budget. The idea behind any…
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Are Google AdWords New Call-Only Campaigns Right For You?

Google has made search on mobile devices easier for users and better for advertisers with new call-only campaigns. According to Google, “70% of…
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Will Google AdWords Spring Cleaning Delete AdWords Data?

Up to now, there was no real way to delete AdWords ad data in your Google AdWords account. Earlier in March, Google announced…
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Why Google AdWords Is The Go-To Pay Per Click Service

Are you looking for a good-quality PPC service that can provide a large volume of traffic at reasonable rates? Then look no further…
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Keyword Research Tools

How to Figure Out Your Best Search Terms Using Google Search Bar and Google Keyword Tools—FREE! Last week we touched on how to…
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Three Ways to Not Loose Your Shirt to Google AdWords

Simple mistakes cost new AdWords advertisers thousands of dollars. Follow these steps and you'll save yourself money, frustration and disappointment.
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Google AdWords Custom Alerts

Do you sometimes click around your AdWords account just to see if anything funny is going on?  A few months ago Google introduced…
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Quality Score and its Effect on Click Costs

A common topic of discussion among AdWords users is how Google’s Quality Score effects ad performance. Google assigns quality scores as part of…
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