29 Point AdWords Review

You may be bleeding money and not even know it! Order your 29 Point AdWords Review today and discover holes and missed opportunities.

29 Point AdWords Review

This offering is designed to help you identify areas of concern within your AdWords account. Opportunities for improvement are found 100% of the time and typically the recommendations made, if implemented, will save you thousands of dollars.

It’s not your fault that your account bleeds money. If you’re not working in this field full time, there is only so much you can do to understand pay per click and figure out what works and what doesn’t. With the results of this review you’ll be given a road map to success and gain a true competitive advantage.

How this works:

Account Access

Your AdWords user name and password are not required. You will provide us with your AdWords Customer ID and we will request access to your AdWords account through our Google account. You may terminate access once the inspection is complete, and we will show you how.

Don’t worry, we won’t make any changes to your account.
**Hint** You can find proof in your Change History report that no changes were made.

Project Estimate

After access is granted, an assessment will be performed to determine how long it will take to perform the review and create your detailed report.  You will be presented with an estimate.  

Comprehensive reviews typically cost between $500 and $1000.  While it is typical that the investment pays for itself many times over, your results may not be typical.

Review Process

The following elements are reviewed in depth:

  • Overall account
  • Keyword selection and organization
  • Ad copy
  • Utilization of Ad extensions
  • Geo targeting
  • Networks utilized
  • Devices utilized
  • Bid and budget
  • Strategy
  • How ads are delivered

Much More...

When your review is complete, a call will be scheduled with an AdWords Strategist to go over the findings. A full, typed report will be sent to you and reviewed on the phone call. This easy to follow account of findings is yours to keep. Implement the recommendations provided and you’ll immediately see improved performance in your account.


29-Point AdWords Review

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